The Development of Radio



As a child I can remember my dad listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio.


Think about radio, and what often comes to mind is the crystal clear music and spoken words broadcast by FM stations across America. But radio wasn’t always so advanced — or so popular. Like many technologies, it evolved gradually and gained acceptance slowly. Today, radio continues to evolve as it competes with other technologies to attract and hold an audience.

The first steps toward inventing radio involved discovering electromagnetic waves and their potential. Hans Christian Oersted was the first to proclaim, in 1820, that a magnetic field is created around a wire that has a current running through it. In 1830, English physicist Michael Faraday confirmed Oersted’s theory, and established the principle of electromagnetic induction.  

In 1864, James Clerk Maxwell, an experimental physics professor at Cambridge University, published a theoretical paper stating…

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