Teach Kids 3 Ways to Earn a Living Before 18

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America’s Blue Collar Crisis

Transportation companies are short33,000 truckerscompared to before the pandemic. Nationwide there’s a55 percent shortageof plumbers available for work, and electricians are also in seriously short supply. Meanwhile, construction firms can’t find enough qualified workers to complete jobs. The lack of skilled laborers is already being called the “next supply chain disruption.” All told, 77 percent of manufacturers report issues getting and attracting skilled workers.

The Hill

There is a shortage of skilled workers in the US, which is only getting worse. The average age of skilled workers is about 45 years of age and growing older with the baby boomers. But most of these skilled jobs do not need a college degree. They need know-how, which can be given in measured doses to anyone above the age of 12.

Thirteen years ago, … mikeroweWORKS Foundation began a campaign to…

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