Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November…

America’s illegal war on Syria is an allegory for all that is wrong about American leadership.

This is a SOLID PIECE here sir

Not Something Else

…Gunpowder, Treason And Plot.

So goes the old Guy Fawkes rhyme.

Well, I don’t think we – and particularly the US Navy – will easily forget November 5, 2021. For today is the day when the US, hoping to make off with yet another tanker load of stolen oil (stolen from where, is not stated, but I suspect from the Syrian oilfields north of the Euphrates, where the Americans have been continually stealing Syria’s oil for at least the past 4 years and trucking it out through Iraq – obviously to awaiting tankers at some convenient oil terminal in gulf waters), [note: I am still trying to finish a sentence here] when the fugitive oil tanker – accompanied by two USN Arleigh Burke class destroyers – was boarded by IRGC commandos and surrounded by Iranian fast attack patrol boats and a catamaran. The Iranians took control of the…

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