Demystifying the ‘Conspiracy’

Real Currencies

When we wake up to the fact that the world is tightly controlled from the top down, we first marvel at the wonderful edifice that they built. It’s normal to be awestruck by the pervasive complexity of the lie that blinded us for so long.
But once we recover from the shock, it transpires it could not have been otherwise. Power vacuums cannot exist. They must be filled. It is the most ruthless that prevail.
The Money Power’s ascendancy was inevitable. Not because they are so brilliant, but because of the strategic assets that gave them a strong position.

The struggle for World Power is an all out struggle between all relevant players. Who are these relevant players? The Vatican comes to mind. The major continental powers like the US, Russia, China, India and Germany. And of course the Money Power. The Money Power won, or at any rate holds…

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