Can Biden’s Numbers Get Any Worse?

Let’s Go Brandon!! (Forever!!!)

The Lone Cactus

The short answer is yes. Actually, they are worse than what’s being reported to you. The latest Quinnipiac poll that was released a couple of weeks ago showed Biden with a 38% approval rating. Now, that’s bad by anybody’s stretch of imagination. You’re not getting your way with anything you want with 38% on your side.

But it gets worse.

When you take the latest poll numbers, and dig down a little deeper you find that the “strongly disapprove” numbers were at 45%. The “strongly approve” numbers were at 20%. And therein lies one of two rubs against the Democrats. The first problem is, if you answer polling at all, and say that you’re “strongly” either for or against someone, the chances of you switching to the other side are practically nil. That means that 45% of respondents in this poll have no chance becoming even a slight fan of…

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