What is the “Global Public-Private Partnership”?

Desultory Heroics

Heads of UN and WEF signing “strategic partnership framework”, New York 2019

By Iain Davis

Source: Off-Guardian

The Global Public-Private Partnership (GPPP) is a world-wide network ofstakeholder capitalistsand their partners.

This collective of stakeholders (the capitalists and their partners) comprises global corporations (including central banks), philanthropic foundations (multi-billionaire philanthropists), policy think-tanks, governments (and their agencies), non-governmental organisations, selected academic & scientific institutions, global charities, the labour unions and other chosen“thought leaders.”

The GPPP controls global finance and the world’s economy. It sets world, national and local policy (via global governance) and then promotes those policies using the mainstream media (MSM) corporations who are also“partners”within the GPPP.

Often those policies are devised by the think-tanks before being adopted by governments, who are also GPPPpartners. Government is the process of transforming GPPP globalgovernanceinto hard policy, legislation and law.

Under our current model of

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