What is pan third positionism by professor


What is the third position?

Before I can answer the question on what is pan third positionism I need to answer the question what is the third position? The third position is a group of ideologies that are socially right wing i.e. nationalist and social conservative and economically left wing i.e. nationalization, workers rights, trade unions, and state oversight etc. Some favor class struggle like Strasserism, Fascist Syndicalism, and National Bolshevism while others favor class collaboration like Classical Fascism and British Fascism. There’s a lot of diversity in the third position when it comes to ideas some base there ideology around religion like Brazilian Integralism while others base theirs around the state like Classical Fascism.

What is pan third positionism

Pan Third Positionism is based around the idea of authentic Nationalist conservatism and authentic socialism. What I mean by authentic Nationalist conservatism is that every country has it own way…

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