On Insectisation


It’s possible to conceive Modernity as a project to construct an ant hive out of atomised chimps, but the dismal truth is that is only stage one in a two-stage process.

The second, more insidious stage, is to reformat the chimps into ants, in order to achieve the long-term stability of The Hive.

Humans are higher primates; their closest animal kin are chimps. Chimps are similar to humans, and therefore the social order created by chimps has significant commonalities with the kinds of social structures humans, and pre-humans, generated and inhabited for millennia.

Individual chimps are social animals. The social order they forge in groups is an emergent property / network effect of the collectivised nature of individual chimps. However, the causality is circular / cybernetic; the social order created by groups of chimps forms the social environment individual chimps operate within, therefore it shapes and encodes the chimps, individually…

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