It’s Not About What They Say It’s About – Ain’t That The Truth?

Not Something Else

I pondered for a while on whether to make this post or not, because what it says, or rather what the video portrays the speaker as saying, to my mind comes from ignorance rather than from truth. But for the most part, what is said, largely agrees with what I hold to be the truth. And so I decided to post it, regardless.

In any case, what is truth? There is no truth, because if there were, we would surely by now have come to some consensus as to what that truth actually is, and could get on with our lives happy in the knowledge that we don’t need to keep on arguing constantly over petty differences of opinion. That will never happen of course, even if there is a ‘great reset’ and we are all coerced into accepting a version of the truth – or we are canceled, permanently…

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