Economic slavery

Conspiracy of Kindness

Image: Three pence none the richer – Diorama.

Ordinary people always pay – income tax, rates, fines, duties and VAT, council tax, road tax, death duty/inheritance tax, national insurance, stamp duties, government sanctions, inflation, parking fees and fines, clean air tax, congestion charges, import duties, late payment fines, interest rates, water rates, minimum wage (less than we need to actually live on, for which we pay a high price), zero hours contracts, lotteries and gambling, capitalism and global exploitation.

From the cradle to the grave we’re robbed blind, cash cows that keep on giving and for which we are treated with contempt, with never a hint of gratitude or so much as a thank you. We are despised as scroungers and a burden on the state, when it is the state that’s the burden on us. They talk about free markets but never free people, yet it is we, the…

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