CLEAN SHEET! BOOSH! 2021/2022 Cycles; Season 2/2. 369 and A Wake-Up!


TLAMN Incoming

Son Of A Bitch!

We pulled-it off and in-style. But, way too many pieces to pick-up and more questions than answers vs the norm following any Election Cycle. The excuses/last minute Calls and Exit Polls begin circulating about three hours before polls closed. Curiously, we had Direct Comms from Three Über-Orgs, the §527s, sending messages. Out of all, this was weird: “DEMs Lost Virginia because of Sen. Sinema!” This was the first, comes via our annoying friends at Progressive Turnout Project, PTP. PTP might be annoying, but they’re not exactly a bunch of morons, they take on only Highly Rated Field and Party Veterans. Then, the Auto-Generated & Mass-Texts appeared approx 30mins later, as well as Direct Comms from the others. Checked the Maths, ran a few (read: A LOT) of Simulations and there it was. Highly Unlikely Probability, Highly Uncertain, NOS, CEP = ~10km, Snowball’s Chance in Hell, Have…

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3 thoughts on “CLEAN SHEET! BOOSH! 2021/2022 Cycles; Season 2/2. 369 and A Wake-Up!

  1. And additional, very heartfelt, Thank You to all “extended FAM” for taking time to read and offering a “Like”. It is humbling and means more than I can adequately define or repay. I hope this, and all other, information gives the tiniest bit of assistance and if I can better elaborate (this, or anything) please Pop Smoke! Thank you all so much! Be well!


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    1. One thing I thought of, would be a glossary for the lexicon you use (for instance, with the acronyms and further the meaning of the acronyms within the context of “the Field” – hmm curious if I used that word correctly right there)…

      Yes a glossary would be extremely useful, however, I am also one who very much sees the value in the apprentice having to gain a grasp and hold of your lexicon, as it requires dedication and discipline. A part of the initiation…either way, I am down to learn!!

      Best regards,


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