A basic introduction to street self defense – part 1

Sanctity of Security

Part 1: Managing threats

This is perhaps the most important part of any discussion on self-defense. It is also routinely overlooked by many who instead jump to which caliber they want to CCW or whether an elbow strike is preferable to a kick to the bollocks. A lot of this section has been well developed by figures in the self-defense community. We are just lifting their ideas and republishing them. But we take no credit or make any claims of originality and thank the experts who have written and developed these ideas.

Threats come in many different forms from the aggressive pan-handler to the dangerous driver. You must understand you can’t defend yourself from threats you are not aware of. There is no magic skill that will stop someone stabbing you in the back whilst you’re listening to headphones and not looking around.

Awareness is the first line of defense.

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