The Apparatus of Rule – Law and Education

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The East India Company’s ruled in India not just through a strong army and a strong, English civil service (bureaucracy). They also tried to bring changes in the way their authority was experienced by the common man. The English introduced the unique concepts of the ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Equality before Law’ in India. After 1833, India had a law comission. The job of the law comission was to make laws. All Indians were supposed to follow these laws and those who violated them were/could be penalised.

Can you think of the law system in India before the 18th century ?

Pre -18th century Rule of (?)18th century – Rule of Law21st century Rule of Law
Who defines law ?
What is law ?
Which is more democratic ?
A villager dies because of jagirdar’s /zamindar’s oppression
A rich landlord makes a cartoon of the Mughal King/English officer

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