Benefits of an evening bike ride

Frugal Average Bicyclist

When I have time, I really like to get in a nice evening bike ride. I wait till the sun is low and the temperature is going down. These are short rides that are just more for relaxation and just closing out the day. Usually, I use this as an opportunity to take out one of my vintage bikes. Here is a nice evening picture of the Raleigh Sports.

evening bike ride Raleigh Sports


  1. Get a little exercise and fresh air to help you sleep.
  2. Cooler temperature and less sun.
  3. Quieter roads and trails.
  4. Think about your day and plan for the next one.
  5. Take the time to notice the world while you calmly ride, you might see things you normally don’t. Beauty is all around us when you take the time to look.
  6. Bring a friend and have a healthy conversation while you ride.
  7. You always end the…

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