Is the Tide Finally Starting to Turn on Covid as an American Biowarfare Attack?

Desultory Heroics

By Ron Unz

Source: The Unz Review

During the last eighteen months, I think I’ve stood nearly alone on the Internet in arguing that the late 2019 Covid outbreak that began in Wuhan, China was probably the result of an American biowarfare attack conducted by rogue elements of our own national security establishment.

The individual articles inmy long serieshave been viewed some 350,000 times, but with rather few exceptions almost no one has publicly endorsed such an extremely controversial hypothesis, and almost as few of the multitude of readers have even been willing to acknowledged its existence.

However, that unfortunate situation may now be starting to change. Just a couple of days ago, an influential MAGA/Trumpist website calledThe Conservative Treehousepublished a 1,400 word piecestrongly suggesting that America’s “Fourth Branch of Government,” namely our intelligence services, were quite possibly responsible for the Covid epidemic, and even…

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2 thoughts on “Is the Tide Finally Starting to Turn on Covid as an American Biowarfare Attack?

  1. Ron Unz is a brilliant writer. He’s another one whom the mainstream establishment media tried to deplatform for going against the grain. The more of us they go after, the bigger we get.

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    1. TRUTH KNOCKING BRO…and, allow me to tip my hat you indeed…I joined WordPress in late 2018…your blog is one of the first I found that was voicing true dissent in opposition to the system and you have been consistent to this very day!!!

      I salute you sir !!!


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