SCUmkM7DZyknetoSAnX6_29_0a916e5b2ec4b4a140902d176d2b56a0_imageRecently  one of our associates brought to our collective attention a illiberal publication devoted to European folk tradition,mythos and history. The person who is the driving force behind this publication has raised the ire of  the politically correct pagan/heathen  community . Additionally they have become a target for the run of the mill SJW crowd in cyberspace.  As far as we know they not involved in or privy to certain traditions. What we can be sure of is their unflinching investigations in to aspects of history that “triggers” so many on college campuses .  Below is a copy of the first issue that they made available a few months ago for free. Issue 2 is already finished and they are no doubt looking for contributors for future issues

Europa Sun Vol 1 Issue 1 digital edition.compressed (1)

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