James Forrestal, JFK, And Zionism

Banned Hipster

Defense Secretary James Forrestal’s brother Henry said, “The Jews or Communists Did My Brother in.”

Covert Action, being a Leftist site, has to pretend that it is somehow illegitimate to even accuse a Jew – any Jew at all – of working in their own interests. So you can see their embarrassing apologies for what Henry Forrestal said. But it is likely true.

The FDR administration was full of Communist Jews. Many of them were working for the Soviet Union, seen by Jews at the time as “their” state, as the early Soviet regime was dominated by Jews, and Jews ran the secret police. They were in the middle of a massive genocide, with the full throated support of Jews in the West.

Forrestal was against Communism, and he didn’t want the US to recognize the newly forming state of Israel, because he feared it would drive the Arabs into…

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