From Vaxxed To Victory

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There has been a revolt against mRNA injections and we are near the point of victory. Israel has vaccinated a higher percentage of their people than any other nation even though the Palestinians are refusing to be vaxxed.  Israel is not giving their Jewish population blank vaccines. They have had lots of young men experience myocarditis soon after being vaxxed by Pfizer. Israel will be the first nation in the world to give their people the third Pfizer injection. They will begin vaxxing everyone 60 and over. It seems that the human body stops producing those dangerous spike protein after 6 months which is about how long the “alleged protection against covid” lasts.

The world has seen massive anti-vaxx and anti-lockdown demonstrations in recent days, ever since we learned that covid was “enhanced in the Wuhan lab with NIH money sent by Fauci.”  Israel has decided to lockdown the unvaxxed…

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