Observing social media in economics

It would be great to have the author embellish upon their thoughts here…some highly thought provoking essays on this blog they have!


Recently, there was an outage with all websites owned by Facebook. Sites like Facebook itself, Instagram, and Messenger were all inaccessible to all users. Naturally, this outage had a bit of an impact on Facebook’s stocks. In early October, the stock plummeted following the outage.

Why do I bring up stocks? Well, stocks can be a reflection of the wellbeing of a company and its userbase. Facebook Inc. shows a lot of their values in the content they filter with their apps. Facebook may be the best for linking together with friends and family, but other sites are often used more for content that compliments a more social lifestyle. Snapchat is used to chat and interact, and Instagram is used to share photos and put the best version of yourself out for people to see. If it were just Facebook going down, there would be no issue, but all of…

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