More Than Enough!

Faith can provide that constant so many forever seek…

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

What you’ve only been able to see from afar, is now in view, in front of you, right beside you, and near you. For heaven is overcoming you, with abundance and fulfillment. The Fulness of time, there is no more veil between you and fulfillment, you and your dreams, the partition removed. Look again! Look out the windows of heaven where you are seatedand reigning with the King, reigning and ruling over the things that have ruled over you. Look again and see the glass overflowing, with great things from heaven.

Your small window of opportunity has just been enlarged. Your sins are forgiven. Your weakness is no longer a hindrance or shame, but a motivation to the new and GLORY OF WHAT IS NOW! Your failures have become springboards, to your success. You are succeeding and exceeding the past and expectations of other people.


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