How Socialism Led to the Obesity Epidemic

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Political Reactionary

Socialism is lethal by nature. That is most obvious when looking at the Soviet Union, or at the modern Progressives who advocate multiculturalism, immigration, abortion etc. But the most lethal element of socialism is modern Western food.

When socialists took over Germany in 1930s, they started preparing to war. This included building up a centralized stockpile of grain reserves. They reduced production of meat and eggs in order to concentrate on the grain production, which they believed was the more productive use of land – it supposedly took five kilograms of grain to produce one kilogram of meat. The British came to a similar conclusion, and tried to swap from meat production to bread and potatoes in World War Two.

But that thinking is wrong. It is correct, mathematically, if one only counts calories. But calories are not the only reason why food is important. What matters are nutritients –…

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