Why It’s Okay to Hate the World …

Pen & Eagle™

Do you know what I realized today?

That I hate this world (and am pretty disgusted by nearly everyone in it).

I also realized that: That’s okay.


I hate the weak and inept people that, rather than rise to the challenge of carving out their own niche in the world, have chosen to undermine the strength of others in order to “lower the bar” to feel important, then hold the truly capable out as the exception or “evil”.

I abhor those that hide behind a man-made and societal morality while committing even more heinous and hidden two-faced discrimination: Projecting their fears onto others’ behavior. Blaming me, labeling me, because I know myself so well that I can state with absolute conviction that I do *hate* things… and that it’s okay.

But, why hate the world and almost everyone in it?

Because they’re beyond complicit in creating a contemporary society in…

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