When you set a Target and almost Fail


Runners Woes

Sweating like a Pigeon on a NO CHIP DIET 🤣🤣

Feck Yeaaassssssssssssssss

I’ve just done my very 1st Half Marathon

I finally feel I’ve earned that Badass Headband I’m wearing and I couldn’t be any more proud of myself than I am right now .

I over slept and sulked knowing I had secretly planned this . So after talking to a fellow Badass Sam she gave me a nudge and off I went …

Soo bloody warm out later in the day but after finally getting 7 hours sleep I think I chose the right day to smash this ..

I didn’t chase any time or pace to do this , I refuse to as I was solely focused on smashing the distance and I FECKING finally did it ….

Squirrels 🐿 passed me cheering me on by throwing their nuts at me , birds frightened the 💩 out…

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