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Source: What is Ether?


Let’s start by explaining Ether, because soon we will all benefit from Ether-based technologies.

Ether in its original version was present on Mendeleev ‘s Periodic Table of Elements with the name “newtonium“, it was placed in the group “zero”, together with inert gases, as the main element for the classification and formation of all elements.

According to Mendeleev, the element Ether was formed by molecular nuclei and electrons, without the involvement of chemical reactions. After the death of this scientist, the periodic table was rewritten and Ether was omitted from the “zero group”.

“The periodic table without the element Ether is the same as humanity without children – you can live, but there will be no future.”

So, the question is why was the element Ether deleted?


Matter is formed by a group of molecules that fully interact with each other. After…

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