US Journalists “Victimizing the Oppressor”

Palestine for Palestinians…

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In the year 1948 Zionist leaders have gathered to announce a new state “Israel” which originally took 56% of Palestinian land. As for now in the year 2021, 42% of the west bank land is controlled by settlements, and 86% of east Jerusalem is being used as an “Israeli” state and by settlers, leaving the innocent Palestinian citizens either living in Palestine with the constant fear of being bombed by the Oppressor, getting kicked out of their own land, or under “Israeli” control. Or living in foreign countries as refugees. That is the reality of Palestine and it’s citizens. However, it has been noticed how the US media has been focusing on the oppressor’s point of view (“Israel”) victimizing them and making them look like they are the ones in the right, by shedding less light on Palestinians, who are the real victims. One example of the neglection of Palestinians…

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