Third Place: The Korean Mousetrap

The Fourth Estate

“Every people has its own Socialism.”

-Arthur Moeller van den Bruck

Studying Korean Nationalism and Korean Socialism from a Hamiltonian perspective offers more choices and options than simply understanding them from a Jeffersonian perspective. Careful observations will reveal that the Korean War never ended. The Democratic-Republican Party consistently refused to allow the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to be reunited with the Republic of Korea (ROK). It was not until the presidency of Donald Trump that there was a potential possibility, however insignificant, for North Korea to cease its hostilities toward the US. One of the final decisions pursued by Trump happens to be a decision to negotiate a proposed Peace Treaty to end the Korean War, a Peace Treaty that could have been signed if Trump got a second Presidential Term. The lesson to be learned here is that the Jeffersonians are incapable of dealing with the…

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