The Striking Truth Of AI …..

The Singularity is coming…

Artificial Intelligence

Automation may take up jobs but AI will create them……

  1. The Demand for man-machine Hybrid Teams:The future of employment will depend on how well humans and AI blend to create augmented hybrid teams. An AI has strengths such as speed, accuracy, computation, etc. A human has strengths such as empathy, judgment, cognition, etc. This role will combine these strengths of both AI and humans to generate better business outcomes
  2. AI will help Companies Scale up:If AI and machine learning algorithms can wisely use large amounts of big data, it will help companies perform better. It will also increase the employee retention rate and help in new customer acquisition. This will create new job opportunities as companies begin to scale up and grow, and benefit the industry as a whole.
  3. AI will Create new Job Positions:A recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report estimated that nearly 50% of the…

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One thought on “The Striking Truth Of AI …..

  1. If that shite comes here the first place they’d set it up would be in the blight of Burlington/Chittenden county. Vermont ain’t silicon valley, agriculture is what Vermont’s about. Why would the elites implement robots/AI when it would mean the excuses behind imported labor would no longer be valid as the robots would do those jobs.


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