The Real Flu/Covid Threat: Jabbed Super-Spreaders


Desultory Heroics

By Stephen Lendman


Indisputable evidence shows that a pandemic of the jabbed exists, not among refuseniks as falsely reported.

Shunning Pharma toxins helps protect and preserve health. The other way around weakens and destroys what’s too precious to lose.

Jabbed individuals comprise a significant majority of flu/covid outbreaks.

In increasing numbers of countries and local communities, the jabbed comprise up to 80% or more of the total.

Since mass-jabbing began last December, they caused a 1,000% increase in adverse events — including deaths — compared to pre-2020 data, noted scientist Jessica Rose explained.

Jabs generate what’s called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

It enables a virus to enter bodily organs and cells that causes health-destroying diseases.

Instead of protecting against pathogens, antibodies instead let foreign particles enter the body and weaken immunity.

According to an unreported Pfizer document hidden from public view — ignored by MSM — jabbed individuals “shed…spike…

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