THe People’s Square – Charlottesville Civil Trial Updates

These are recent updates from the civil suit brought against the defendants. This list of defendants is not complete (I am writing this on the train on my phone) but I wanted to post something as I learned of things that have transpired this week.

I was in Charlottesville when this went down. The legally permitted event (first obtained from the City) was organized to take place on Saturday August 12, 2017, in Lee Park in Charlottesville, VA. This is the location of the (recently removed) statue of the great General Robert E Lee. As of the time of the Unite the Right rally, this was a piece of American history. Significant history.

Jason Kessler is a Virginia resident who was very active in politics on a local basis (in Virginia, but also specifically within Charlottesville itself). He is credited with organizing the event.

This account I am going to give you comes from memory, I am confident this is a most accurate account of what transpired in the days leading up to August 12, 2017:

  • Jason Kessler legally obtained a permit to have the Unite the Right demonstration convene in Lee Park on that Saturday in August. He received lawful permission for this is the nature of matters that are under the jurisdiction of the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Protest.
  • News of the Unite the Right rally spread throughout the then “Alt-Right” – mostly internet-based political sphere – in the months leading up to the event.
  • Members of the Alt-Right scene, importantly, influential spokespeople (ie podcasts, writers, organized political groups) learned of the event and made plans to attend themselves as well.
  • Some of those spokespeople were ultimately appointed to be guest speakers at the event.
  • It is my belief that the City of Charlottesville granted Jason Kessler the permit and permission to hold the event without taking into account the exponential base of support that would be drawn to this event.
  • It’s safe to say there were many that found attending this event to be important.
  • It was important to me to be there.

Millions and millions of people worldwide know – they don’t know shit. They know what the media told them about the event after it happened.

Most of those fuckwitted, feeble-minded folks don’t know that once word of attendance to the event began to increase, as well as the rumors of those expected to be speaking, Charlottesville pulled the permit. However, ultimately, in a Federal Court, the decision by the local and/or state government to shutdown the event was overturned. The federal government permitted the event.

This was a lawfully permitted event under the laws afforded to Americans under the First Amendment. That is all I am going to say about this anymore.

Four years later now – spearheaded by this obnoxious, Jewish attorney named Roberta Kaplan (who worked as counsel for Hollywood rapist Harvey Weinstein) organized this SHOW TRIAL specifically with the aim of attacking free speech. I saw interviews of her with PBS, amongst others, where she states her objective in this SHOW TRIAL. She spearheaded efforts to raise some $12-13 million dollars to be used in the plaintiff capacity to dig the knife a little bit deeper and give it a good twist right into the guts of the White, American political activists she so despises.

There are more than two dozen defendants and I know I am missing names here, but here is a partial list of individuals and organizations named in the suit:

Defendants include the following (I am omitting the additional information that could be ascribed to each here – what they are best known for – for I believe these men have had enough. Enough abuse by this legal system.)

Besides, if you are unaware of the matter that is “Charlottesville” them this wouldn’t be of interest to you anyways:

  • Jason Kessler
  • Christopher Cantwell
  • Richard Spencer
  • James Alex Fields Jr.
  • Andrew Anglin
  • Jeff Schoep
  • Identity Europa
  • Traditional Workers Party

Again, please forgive me for the abbreviated list of defendants. The information is out there. Hunter Wallace has been talking about this coming trial on Occidental Dissent for months now.

Below is the podcast file from Eric Striker’s “The People’s Square” recorded two days ago. He is getting briefed by a trustworthy source of his.

Finally, on Telegram, I obtained Christopher Cantwell’s opening statement (as he is acting in the capacity of his own attorney) and the 36 pages are absolutely brilliant. Truly, this man is defending his reputation and he has done a magnificent job. Read his remarks here in the attached pdf file below. The item after that is October 28th’s The People’s Square:

Christopher Cantwell:

And The People’s Square:

Finally a message to all dissidents…this show trial is proxy lawfare on ALL OF US. Keep that in mind.

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