The Curious Symbolism of Apples

The Muse in the Mirror

Apple ©Emma Tuzzio

Apples are pretty common place here in the UK, yet are shrouded in deep mystery and symbolism. A source of inspiration for numerous fairy tales, for Isaac Newtons theory of Gravity, and the name of one the world’s most recognisable brands. 🍏 So I felt called to uncover how this humble fruit has landed itself such a golden reputation, particularly given its connection to the Autumn Equinox harvest this time of year.

Here I share my findings along with some of my apple photography and crafts. The apple candles will be used in a simple equinox ritual intending to find balance and the apple slices have been dried and hung as a garland to adorn my equinox altar. 🍁


In ancient mythology, the Apple is one of the most sacred trees and symbolises good health, future happiness and a place of…

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