Raw Power Grabs: Not Conspiracy Theory; They’re REALITY

Medicinal Coup


When I question the overreaction to COVID or the vaccination mandate, people (even the few who aren’t hostile) say things like, “So you believe in the conspiracy theory, then?”

No, that’s not it. There’s no conspiracy. It’s all done out in the open. I’m sure there are possibly secrets, but one thing is not a secret: Medical fascism is POWER FOR THE SAKE OF POWER.

Power for the sake of power is always wrong, and it’s always irrational. The fact that people who pursue power call themselves “social justice warriors” or “progressives” will not alter a thing. They are still evil.

When you replace reason with something else, you necessarily replace reason with (1) emotion, (2) coercion, or both.

We saw it first with mask mandates. Mask mandates were destructive socially and psychologically; the vax mandates are worse, because you’re being forced to take part in a medical experiment where…

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