Proto-Indo-European (Yamnaya, Corded Ware) ancestry throughout Europe [Updated 2021 admixture analysis with map]


Short post. Map in HD at this URL:


  1. Intro
  2. Background info
  3. Corded Ware sample info
  4. The admixture analysis
    4.1. Corded Ware
    4.2. Yamnaya
  5. WSH ancestry map
  6. Global25 coordinates

1. Intro

Earlier this year I published an admixture analysis showing the levels of Yamnaya-like ancestry throughout Eurasia. Unfortunately, the genetic model I used was missing key ancient populations, so the prediction was not accurate. I wasn’t familiar with the software so had to use someone else’s model. Since then, I’ve experimented a lot with Vahaduo and have created a model of my own using the Global25 calculator. I’ll include all of the G25 coordinates/samples at the end of the article.

2. Background info

Alongside Western Steppe Herders (Yamnaya and early Corded Ware), my model features the following ‘basal’ West and Central Eurasian populations of the early Holocene:

  • East European Hunter-Gatherers (EHG)
  • Scandinavian Hunter-Gatherers (SHG)
  • Baltic Hunter-Gatherers (SHG)
  • West European…

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