Pfizer has power to ‘silence’ governments and ‘maximize profits’, consumer group alleges

Rights and Freedoms

By business reporter David Chau Posted Wed 20 Oct 2021

A sign with the Pfizer logo stands outside the corporate headquarters building.
Pfizer’s revenue surged to $US19 billion in the June quarter, almost doubling in a year.(AP: Ryan Remiorz)

COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Pfizer has been accused of hiding behind a veil of secrecy to profiteerduring the “worst public health crisis” in over 100 years.

Key points:

  • The company is able to change its vaccine delivery schedule (without penalty)
  • Brazil can’t accept COVID vaccine donations from other nations, without Pfizer’s consent
  • Pfizer raised the annual sales forecast for its COVID-19 vaccines to $US33.5b (up 29 per cent)

That was the key criticismmade by Public Citizen, a consumer rights group, which published a reportcontaining leaked Pfizer contractswith the United States, United Kingdom, European Commission, Albania, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic and Peru.

In some of thecontracts (some of which were in draft or final form), Pfizer hadthe power to block countries from donating their COVID-19…

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