Joe Biden is Considering Paying Border-Crossers $450,000 Each in “Reparations” for Trying to Enter the Country Illegally.

Joe Biden sucks AIDS-laden Herpes cock

American Elephants

Somebody has slipped a cog, failed to understand the English language, failed to understand simple basic common sense, or has just drifted off into never-never land. I don’t know what the heck is going on!

President Joe Biden is considering a plan that would pay “border crossers” $450,000 each in “reparations”. WHAT? A plan that would give border crossers , who were subjected to former President Donald Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy about $450,000 each in a “reparations-style payment“.

“BORDER_CROSSERS” have NO RIGHT TO BE HERE AT ALL!. That’s why nations have borders. That’s why we have a BORDER PATROL, and laws about who may enter the country, We are a nation of citizens and people don’t get to just come willy-nilly and get paid for breaking the law and trying to enter illegally!!!

There was some concern early on about Joe Biden’s approaching senility, but…

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