Is the Individual Right?

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There is much talk today of the losses of freedoms of the individual.

It used to be – at least in theory, and, for the most part also in law – that the individual, and therefore the rights of the individual, were held to be sacrosanct. That word, contrary to its generally held meaning, has little association with aspects of holiness or the sacred, or the sanctified(even though those are said to be the root meanings of the derived parts), those concepts having long been viewed as impositions on the attitudes of the many toward the privileged few (and therefore rightly rejected as irrelevant), but is more akin to the ideas of being inviolable, inalienable and largely untouchable, as applied to the sanctity of the individual.

That long held sanctity is now being eroded by the accumulating losses of freedom (of action and of choice) of individuals, as members of…

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