I’m Sick of Being Told to Stay Safe



I had thought we were over the whole “stay safe” thing, finally, now that we are over 15 months past the whole “15 Days to Flatten the Curve” thing.

But apparently not.

It appears to have made a resurgence. Perhaps this is because the vaxxed are worried their vaxxes are wearing off and it hasn’t been their turn yet at the boosters.

Today I was asked by a client if I was “staying safe” and told by another at the end of our call to “stay safe.”

I can’t tell you how much this phrase grates me, but I can’t say much to clients, so I just coughed when I mumbled “Yes” and “Will do.”

What I really want to say in reply is something like, “Get skeptical,” or at least ask them what “staying safe” entails and then critique the illogic of their answers.

I don’t remember being told…

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