Environmental Triggers and Genetic Susceptibility

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Source via CDC

…the traditional epidemiologic triad model holds that infectious diseases result from the interaction of agent, host, and environment. More specifically, transmission occurs when the agent leaves itsreservoiror host through aportal of exit, is conveyed by somemode of transmission, and enters through an appropriateportal of entryto infect asusceptible host. This sequence is sometimes called the chain of infection.

CDC Principles of Epidemiology

In the case of SARS-2 CoV-19, the reservoir was the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Man-made viruses can complicate the traditional epidemiological framework of infection somewhat — especially when the virus makers refuse to disclose crucial information about their handiwork.

Scientists quickly determined that healthy children and young adults were resistant to serious disease from the Chinese manufactured virus. But public health officials failed to take advantage of that “loophole” when they devised their anti-pandemic measures

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