Driving in the Rain

The Sperg Box

The morning after a big storm makes for a good commute. Skies are steely, omnipotent and powerful. Drops of fertile rain make artful patterns on the windshield between the occasional swipe of the wiper blade I really should change. Mottled leaves humped up on the roadside make an excellent mat to run the twigs out of your tyres with.

I didn’t see downed trees. But oftentimes in these parts the wind clears out brush from the wood you didn’t know was dead. Cords of wood scatter on the early roads, soaking, soggy and otherwise forgotten. Most folk only take stock of the fallen brush when they’ve got to wing around it. Not me.

We don’t get many forest fires here. I can’t think of a one in our neck that I’ve lived through. They say natural conflagrations make for excellent regenerative therapy. That’s great- for California. Here our climes are…

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