Dammit! Not Again!

TLAMN Incoming

Yep. It happened! Again.

Hey Campers,

A quick one for you lot. Former Pres. Obama and Springsteen released a book last Tuesday titled Renegades. As per the really annoying pattern of coincidental bollocks shooting out of ProgDEM and EstDEM Orgs, e.g. Privilege to Vote (Still mad as Foxtrot) and the other examples found in previous Posts – and Drafts. These sudden definition updates, whilst showing some tiny bits of Common Sense amongst the Org Chairs, started mirroring terms as used by all of us OTG, professional and personal mates, or part of my hybrid-vocabulary half piss-taking and half debate-closers. This brings us to the word Renegades. It is a term, an intended slur, aimed at my colleagues, me, and our little band of “We’re Better Than ALL of Your teams” buddies or RNC/State GOP Leadershite. Meant to stay private (Ha!) and intended to offend, we were elated when learning…

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