Compendium: Hamiltonianism and the Form and Actuality of “Federal Socialism”

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The Fourth Estate

In my Readings of Prussianism and Socialism, I have insisted that Oswald Spengler’s arguments therein to be considered relevant in an American context. My justification for this pertains to the idea that Alexander Hamilton and the pro-Hamiltonian faction within the Federalist Party as having Prussian influences. Much has already been written about the Prussian role in helping the Americans gain their independence from the British during the Revolutionary War. And even more have also been written about the associations between Hamilton’s ideas and Friedrich List as having been an influence in the development of Prussian Socialism in the 19th century. What has yet to be written, however, is whether Synchronicity still exists between Hamiltonianism and Prussian Socialism in contemporary American contexts.

America, as many people living in other parts of the world are probably aware, is known for being under a Liberal Capitalist regime. Some many even be…

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