Just look at them. There is a difference, but not an ideological one, not left vs. right or something like that. FDR and Schiff both count as liberals. They are on the same side. Monnet, the founder of the EU, Juncker, the leader of the EU. On the same side. This is why I paired them so.

Because yet. There is a striking difference.

FDR and Monnet were leaders. Visionary leaders. Bad vision, but vision, and more importantly, it was their own. They wanted to go somewhere and led men to go there.

Schiff and Juncker look absolutely not like leaders. More like perfect followers. Perfect bureaucrats. I don’t know what biological process manufactures bugmen – it cannot just be low T as there are low-T non-bugmen – but I think bureaucracy selects for bugmen.

Remember Orwell?

"It was curious how that beetle-like type proliferated in the Ministries: little dumpy…

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