A Vampiric World: Dementors and Soul Feeders

This is great stuff …I hope the writer returns…

Oracular Intelligence

  1. The true spiritual work begins with you and only you. You are the being through which the matrix runs. You cannot remove yourself from it. You cannot escape from it, like the movies show you. The one thing you can do, is take your power back. The matrix is a system that is designed (yes, designed) to feed off human souls as if they were batteries. It does everything possible to keep you away from taking your battery back. It does this through fear, hate, aversion to questions, aversion to introspection and self-inquiry, and a distaste for those who can guide you to find your power again. It trains and programs the mind to run the show, and make sure you stay inside that mind, where all the data and programming is stored. It is adaptive AI, so it can grow, and make you feel like you are growing as…

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