A brief history of preferring the unbelievable to the unthinkable

The Slog

I was skim-reading idly through the UK Budget proposals in the early evening yesterday. It read a little like the crumbling Covid19 narrative – contradictory, denialist and at times surreal. Rishi Sunak has gone for a Keynesian spending approach while ignoring the one thing Keynes said such a gamble required: “that the national finances should be in good order”. Inflation has arrived, the Bank of England will put rates up next month for sure, spending power will be crippled by the tax increases, the borrowing requirement reflects an empty Treasury…and there is infrastructural spending being thrown to all points of the compass. ‘Sunak kicks dead horse up the arse and adds handicap weights for good measure’ might have been a better headline.

But fear not: this isn’t going to be yet another Budget post. Think of the Budget as merely a final piece in the collage going back to the…

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