War & Peace in Backwater Maine: Civil War(s) in America

The Sperg Box

Trigger Warning: this posits the better known American Civil War from the perspective of Maine’s Anti-War Movement as heralded by the Maine Democrats, Secesh “party” and infamous Copperhead movement. Sensitive language and unpopular interpretation of recorded history follow. Caveat emptor, you’ve been warned.

If you’re still with me, this essay follows in the wake of this.

As with anything, don’t take one man, woman or self-aware automoton’s word for it. Go read for yourself. Books, lots of books.

In the article in this train of thought preceding this one, I made some statement or other approximating the observation that objective truth is better seen in the rear-view mirror. I will write about the anti-war presence in Maine, focusing predominately on the Civil War where I find the most illustrative learning lessons. At least for the America contemporaneous to the period I find myself writing this. Much of the impetus…

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