US Reduced to Using Only Govt Funded NGOs as its Elite Front Line Troops

Not Something Else

Knowing it has zero chance to impose its threats militarily anywhere in the world now, the US is reduced to promoting what has always been its second line of offence (defence never having had a role in US foreign policy) – government funded NGOs – to be the elite forces of its front line efforts to subdue the world to its own warped standards of democracy and rule of law.

To this end, envious of global recognition of the growing supremacy of China and the advantages to be gained by cooperation with Chinese government initiatives and fostering good relations with Chinese businesses, the Western paper heroes led by the US are using the soft-power of NGOs to fuel the necessary propaganda drives used to discredit and undermine all the good that China does. It won’t work of course. Nothing underhand that the West attempts actually does. But it is a…

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