TSMC’s $100 Billion American Plan To Fix The Chip Shortage

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company makes 24% of all the world’s chips, and 92% of the most advanced ones found in today’s iPhones, fighter jets and supercomputers. Now TSMC is building America’s first 5-nanometer fabrication plant, hoping to reverse a decades-long trend of the U.S. losing chip manufacturing to Asia. CNBC got an exclusive tour of the $12 billion fab that will start production in 2024.

Vermont Folk Troth

Siliconcrystals are the most common semiconducting materials used inmicroelectronicsandphotovoltaics.


Karl Ferdinand Braun(6 June 1850 – 20 April 1918) was a Germanelectrical engineer, inventor,physicistandNobel laureate in physics. Braun contributed significantly to the development of radio and television technology: he shared the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics withGuglielmo Marconi”for their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy”.

Karl Ferdinand Braundeveloped thecrystal detector, the firstsemiconductor device

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