The Glory That Was Halloween

ST UnWoke!

(just as an aside lemme say that for some reason typing on this site i is wonky. … ..I.t freezes up for seconds, and it doesnt capitalize after periods. and doesnt insert the apostrophes in words like “doesnt”and i cant be arsed to go back and do it. So sorry…)

Any way what i wanna tell you is that a guest on Greg Gutfeld (without whom i could not survive the 2021 shitshow) made such a good point about Halloween:

kids know the difference between fantasy and reality. adults dont.

Adults used to know. This whole anti-Halloween hysteria started with fanatic Christians worrying about devil and witch costumes, remember? i can imagine how my father and grandfather, devout Christians both, would have reacted to the idea that wearing a cheap mask could endanger a kid’s immortal soul. ”It’s just a little piece of plastic!” i can hear them snorting dismissively.

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