Survival Rate at 98.296%

We should have just met the virus run it’s course…but no…the virus was the fuse that lit the Great Reset technocratic, oligarchical takeover of all the world!!!

Digital Empire

I was looking around for survivability rates. The mainstream news always dodges this question. This was at the tail end of September when I believe that it had been the New York Times who published a tally of Covid related deaths taken from 5 different states.

But before I proceed, I want to say that I know that a lot of us have already taken the vaccine, and I know that some of you are worried, because otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this. I’m not saying that getting jabbed with the Pfizer vaccine is a death sentence, but what I am saying is that the mainstream media is being incredibly dishonest.

This was a screenshot taken on September 29, 2021. The article itself was published on September 28, 2021.

Out of 42.9 million cases of Covid infections across the United States, 688 thousand people had died. That’s a 1.6%…

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