Stop glamourising Over Working !

Sound advice!

Aishwarya Sandeep

I end up working all 6 days of the week for more than 10 hours. In corporate life this seems to be a normal statement. We are all just ready to bend over backwards to help our Companies earn profit and prosper, sometimes at the cost of our health, many a times at the cost of our family life.

In India, Over Working is often confused with Working Hard. Many a times, we think that only if a person works for a longer duration of time, then the person is a hard working person, who will succeed in life. Yes, we are over burdened, wherein the scope of work of an employee is not described clearly by the employer. We think that it is just because a person is your sub-ordinate the person below your designation should do every work, this stress keeps on piling up.

Fault of the Employers

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2 thoughts on “Stop glamourising Over Working !

  1. 14.7.280 and a Wake-Up (not counting this Season. It’s double) But, we know it before we start. I don’t recommend it, but sometimes it can’t be helped. I mean ZERO disrespect and will offer a bit more after Final Update, but yes, it is unhealthy, or can be. We watch each other and our Team, like Hawks. Hence, calling New-Jacks or Year1 Reps, “our Kids”.

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