Our Sacred Duty

Important perspective…

Oracular Intelligence

  1. Our sacred duty on this earth is not to our own pleasure. It is to be stewards of the earth, to give the earth to the children when they are ready. Our sacred duty is to the children and the earth.
  2. Your food is filled with unspeakable things. Grow your own, as much as you can. Do not skimp on costs with this. Learn to work with nature in your own way. You don’t have to be perfect. Do what feels good.
  3. It feels good to let things grow in their own time. It feels beautiful, like a song or a piece of artwork in the making.
  4. Pharmaceuticals are poison. Some even make you feel good. But they make you feel good, because they mostly make unconscious.
  5. Men have been demasculinized. They are the protectors and they are fast asleep.  They are not aware of their divine nature. The women…

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